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   -   Single Housing New - Wilkinson Award

by Robin Edmiston & Associates with SYSTEMarchitects



PARISHhouse is an experimental prototype of a laser-cut house, built for a family of five to serve as a surf shack on their vacations. Designed for ease and speed of construction as well as a keen awareness towards sustainability this house is an alternative to mass-produced versions of domestic life. This example in North Haven, uses passive solar design techniques for heating and cooling. The prototype and method of design suggests multiple versions of expanding geometries, micro-climates and forms that engage contemporary notions of

domesticity. The system investigated here, rethinks the process of building the house, and uses computer technologies to expand the range of architectural form for inexpensive construction. It delivers pre-made pieces to site that are connected together over a short period of time. The site-factory, can be used as the infrastructure for a “barn raising” that quickly erects the house. A great deal of research and testing regarding the production of the system has been completed in collaboration with Buro Happold, Consulting Engineers.

Ashfield, NSW
Robin Edmiston & Associates with SYSTEMarchitects
Contact address:
Project Team
Design architect: Mr Jeremy Edmiston, SYSTEMarchitects
Design architect: Mr Douglas Gauthier, SYSTEMarchitects
Project manager: Mr Robin Edmiston
Structural consultant: Mr Cristobal Correa, Buro Happold Consulting Engineers
Builder: Mr Chris Knapp, SYSTEMarchitects
Photographer: SYSTEMarchitects
Other Team Members : Sarkis Arakelyan, Amber Lyn Bard, Ayat Fadiafard, Sara Goldsmith, Henry Grosman, Pinto Jakov, Joe Jelinek, Jinny Kang, Ioanna Karagiannakou, Chris Knapp (site architect), Matthew Peterson, Tony Su

Photographs by SYSTEMarchitects, text by Robin Edmiston & Associates with SYSTEMarchitects

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